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Hanging out with Hitler in Heaven

From the Office of Eternal Self Actualization
Sole-on-Soul Division
Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph (alias most universally recognized). Entry 1 Primary blocks to SA: Actus Terra Firma (Warmongering, gross violation of CGHR, multiple acts of genocide (soon to be referred to as STTPHA, invasion of multiple countries) 2ndary blocks to SA: International infamy, post-mortem depression, self hatred, identity crisis, inability to adapt to thought malleable celestial environment, memory of genital abuse, guilt over incestuous "alternative" means of sexual satisfaction. Assigned to ESAHA #56123, F Tipu. Report begins bellow.

What can one say that has not already been said about the subject? One of history's most infamous villains, he is just as surprised to be here as each and everyone of his victims. Though, as any Celestial knows, surprise is one of the biggest parts of afterlife in Heaven. At least at first. Most of us get used to it. I would like to thank thank the ESA office for trusting me with what may be my most difficult assignment. Convincing this poor, little once man to enjoy the rest of eternity will add to my crown like nothing else.

{A perceivable but immeasurable amount of "time" later}

Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph Entry 2:

I prayed for a challenge and the good Lord [Note to Fateh, please refrain from exclusionary/regionalism nomenclatures for C in your reports. S/he does read them] did deliver. Known (whether accurately or not) as the most hateful man who ever lived [ Note to Fateh: We have confirmed that to actually be Case # NA <1070-dm-f32905> Described in Mortalis-Terra terms as "A "creepy", MI, insufferable, American, shut-in, ward of the state who surfs the internet most of time", so far. Despite the much smaller scale he makes up for it in his utterly ruinous mastery of his little corner of HOE], he is wracked with an incredible amount of guilt. Considering the mayhem he helped usher in for about a decade or so, it is understandable. Seeing as the average NAS , which we define as "75%" can be defined in MT terms as "Decent, flawed people with a few kinks, hang ups, and vices battered by conflicting cultures, free range media, and the mental health/bowel status of friends, neighbors, authority figures, family, and countless faceless strangers" We have not only those, if you will excuse the pun [Note to Fateh: We love puns!], Earthly matters to get past but I will do my best. The first attempt is going to consist of LTR in a Dachu like experience. One that will help him cast his guilt aside.

{A perceivable but immeasurable amount of "time" later}

Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph Entry 3

I want to thank, multiple times, for the repeated offerings of assistance but like I used to say when I was alive, he who walks alone walks fastest. Besides, I need to continue to grow my relationship with him. Having more agents involved could set us back. And as we all know "A single missed moment of eternal bliss is a tragedy it itself". He is entitled to the conscious, eternal peace we all have. Each and everyone one of us. I myself remember the shock I first experienced when I was admitted to Heaven. The things I had done when I was alive, the pain I caused. To Christians in particular, not that this place is that specific to them. Its for us all. My evil life did not matter for no soul is turned down from Heaven's gates.

Our HT "virtual" experience in Dachu has failed. Even after we took it further. Using the testimony and memories of guard and victim alike, we made it even more harrowing than the real event. It last longer up here than down there too. It was not enough. His guilt would not be atoned. We decided to to do the opposite and took him back to art school and let him live decades as a young, talented, successful painter. Alas, for it would not "stick". He could not believe he was loved, successful, and respected. His vile, distant past continued to haunt him.

I listened to him as he told me of his father. It is such a struggle; putting his viciousness aside and moving on with forever while still giving the abuse the weight and context it deserves. If cruelty is part of what made you it can be so hard to put that aside. To prevent that hate from corrupting everything you do to.

I'm going to check out the archives sometime soon. Probably when this session is over. I want to see what how things went for some of history's other great TUS. Everyone lets go eventually, right?

{A perceivable but immeasurable amount of "time" later}

Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph Entry 4

He is the one. Unique. All souls from the rapists to the robber baron give in eventually. They accept that they are forgiven and become part of the bliss. I thought I took a long time but this, this is unheard of. I tried rounding up as many former Jews (yes I am aware how this sounds out of context) to forgive and embrace him. Of course they all did. Even those who suffered more than others. With eternal happiness ahead of you, why remember any of the pain? I know it can be a big part of what makes you but its the worst part. An inferior, defective part that must be cast aside. YET HE WILL NOT!

I am beginning to become unhappy with his unhappiness. I do not remember how long I have been up here. Eternity begins the moment you get here and we all stop counting very soon. I know I have not be un-happy in such a long time. Its an alien feeling, even beyond its basic negative nature. I'm going to take break from this subject and pursue some pleasure. Maybe visit my family and meet some ancestors I never got to see before. I request you put him on TH and detain him in the BC, for his own sake.

[Note to Fateh: Request accepted]

{A perceivable but immeasurable amount of "time" later}

Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph Entry 5

How easy we forget, how quickly we remember. My sadness and frustration are not longer distant memories returning unexpectedly but a regular part of my DE. Mr Hitler is no longer the "one" the exception, we are a "we" now. The sole two poor souls in Heaven.

I can feel it in me and building inside. Rising in the horizon like a wave, slowly crushing down on . Less and less pleasure is there for me. My hobbies and interests, both P/PM give me less joy. Base enjoyment like boundless, consequence free food, drink, touch, and substance distract me for a while but through my pleasant haze it comes back. I do not have a body or brain to alter anyways; I used to be able to feel it but now no longer. I wish I could remember how I could see past that. Enjoyment seems like skill, lost to aging and a soft quiet despair.

It is with a heavy heart that I resign from my post in hopes I can return once again. It is my final request with the full weight of rank for a limited Q&A audience with Subject #EU<2000-ah-d36015> [Note to Fateh: Request granted] and with great, great humility, C [Note to Fateh: Request denied].

(ESA Office special addendum. Unconventional communication from Tipu was received in conjunction with his final report. Communication is included for point of information, despite its unpleasantness)

I know, I know, I KNOW like, NO ONE gets to talk to C but COME ON! I know exceptions are made multiple times in the same millennium. I deserve this! I need to know why the subject has not accepted ESA. Its not like his crimes are unique! Slaughter, hate, war, they have all been a part of history. I did much of it myself. The only real difference is the scale. Is that it? Is that the difference between what is or is not forgivable? What number tips the scale? How could God do that?

Letting me talk to the subject but not C just made everything worse. I spent eons with him, seeing him chained at BC, happiness forced into his being with nary a smile. He told me "No Heaven could accept someone like myself. This must really be Hell. That would make me glad because I deserve it". I thought I could get some sort of answer from him but it just made me feel more lost. His TH is going to become P, isn't it? So that his sickness, his sadness will not spread. There he is, the exception, the unique one. Is that what he wanted? Is he really getting what he wanted all along?

Case #EU<2000-ah-d36015> Hitler, Adolph Entry 6, final report. Brief filled 2nd hand as previous HA is unable to perform duty due to TH in BC.

Hello. It is with great reluctance as I resume the mission due to the events surrounding Tipu's temporary disablement. Hitler, A will be referred to as "Subject #1 and former HA Tipu, "Subject 2" are currently the two longest TUSs in the BC. Although I am dedicated to helping these two pull themselves out of self inflicted despair, I have chosen to take (what I feel) are necessary precautions. Although numerous, they boil down to mostly time and space. "Time" as in spending the least amount of it around the subjects I can and "space" as in being as far away from them as possible. Progress will be slow.

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