Monday, August 24, 2009

What do you want from me?

"I'll be back in six days Paul. I'm going to miss you. Will you be okay without me?"
I give her the look. Something between annoyed and assuring. What I want to say is Yeah. I can take better care of myself than you, you fat needy wreck.
She kisses me. Its on the forehead. This is progress. It took a while for us to come to a more comfortable understanding. We have communication issues. She's really fucking dense. I'm not attracted to you lady. I'll hang out here because we got a good thing going on but try to keep your greasy hands off me. I even had to hit her a few times. Of course she took it, I'm all she's got. We both know this.

"Goodbye. I'll call you"
And I won't listen. I hate phones anyways.

I go to my own personal bathroom. I hated sharing one with her. Its not like she can't afford it. I take a head clearing shit and make my way to the couch. It's only 9 but I feel like sleeping anyways.

When I wake up, my food is prepared for me. I could get my own but why bother? It makes her, what she calls, "happy" and the less I have to do, the better. Being available for this wretch is draining. We're both on vacation right now. Not that I work or anything. She also left me a nice, big bag. Its the strain I love the most too. I spend the next 3 days stoned, well fed, and happy. I even sneak out a few times and score a little passing tail. Sluts, I love 'em.

She will come back in four days instead of the six she promised me. Whatever. She couldn't bear to be without me. She paid to change her flight and everything. She probably told everyone at the resort about me. This is why she doesn't have any real friends, any real people in her life. I love the life she gives me but I hate her. I hate her needs, her weakness, her body, her face, her voice. Maybe I really am getting exactly what I deserve. I wish I could say the same for her.

She waddles through the door and plops down her suitcase. She grabs me and presses me to her face. I am trying very hard to stay cool.

"I missed you so much baby. I couldn't have a good time without you. Come here"

She kisses me, this time on the mouth. I swat her fat face and rake my nails into her cheek.

I'm a cat for fuck's sake. What do you want from me?

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